Make Your Halloween Party Unforgettable

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Hollywood Party Supplies

Halloween. A time of frightening movies, scary costumes and parties. Halloween is the time of the year when you get to wear what you want, without fear of judging eyes and whispers among your friends. You can stay true to tradition and go as a Halloween classic like a ghost, clown, or vampire, or branch out and make your costume political, topical, or sports-related. No matter what you choose to go as, Halloween is a great time to throw an awesome party. The possibilities are endless – from blood-like jell-o shots and cobwebs aplenty to graveyards, eerie music, and the use of fog machines. Make your Halloween party as spooky and creepy as you like, and entertain guests into the wee hours of the morning.

Whether you are throwing a party for few close friends or you’re inviting the whole block for a major Halloween bash, we at JC Party Rentals have all the supplies you could possibly need for a truly memorable event. Serving both Hollywood and Los Angeles area with our party supplies, you can make your event the talk of the crowd or the talk of the town, we have all the basics you need for a fantastic night.

Useful Supplies for your next Los Angeles Party

Visit us online or call us at 818-765-4819 for a free consultation – chairs, tables, lighting, heating, and even utensils! You can also click on our photo gallery and get some ideas for your event. You can also send us a picture of what you are trying to create and we can guide on how to create your picture perfect party.

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How to Plan an Awesome St. Patrick’s Day Party

people in green clothes and green leprechaun hats holding drinks

Planning a St. Patrick’s Day Party? Make sure it’s an event people will be talking about by considering the following:



Whether you go Irish with Guinness or go all out with green drinks, a St. Patrick’s party just isn’t a success without the right drinks. Make sure you plan for way more than you need so your guests never have an empty glass.



Get really festive with corned beef and cabbage. Or have Irish soda bread on hand for your guests to snack on.



Whether you go simple with green tablecloths or go all out with green lighting on the dance floor, make sure you don’t forget to decorate. Even simple touches can go a long way.


Need more ideas? Browse our website!


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3 Things People Forget about When Planning a Wedding


Want to look back on your wedding day with fondness? Cut down on frustrations by remembering to plan for these key items.


Tables and Chairs

The point of asking people to RSVP is to help you plan for enough tables, chairs, and other items to accommodate your guests. As a rule of thumb, plan for more people.


Dishes and Flatware

You may have figured out food arrangements, but you should also make sure that you have dishes and flatware. Even if you have a caterer, make sure they provide those items.



Having an outdoor reception? If the festivities will continue after sundown, add lighting to your list! For a fun touch, you can add different-colored lighting to the dance floor.


If you need any help with the planning process, contact JC Party Rentals!

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JC Party Rentals: Perfect for Gatherings of Any Size

Planning a landmark reunion this year? Or have you been put in charge of your parents’ 50th anniversary? No matter what kind of party you need to plan or how many guests you’ll have, JC Party Rentals is right by your side to give you all the equipment you need to make it a hit:

Not sure what you need? Feel free to contact us! We’re always happy to use our expertise to help people out.

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The Party Supplies You Need to Make New Year’s Eve a Hit


All The Party Supplies You Need in One Place

With Thanksgiving behind us, and Christmas around the corner, we are at the height of the holiday season. New Year’s marks the last great hurrah of 2015 before we usher in 2016, and it’s important to do it right. At JC Party Rentals, we have all the party supplies you need to make your New Year’s Eve party the best bash on the block. Whether you are throwing a party for friends, family, or anyone who wants to crash – you can rely on us to get you the party essentials. We have it all: chairs, bars, tables, lounge furniture, linens, catering equipment, and even dance floors. Expecting a chilly evening of festivities? Our heating devices will keep your party guests toasty as they sip on champagne and sing “Auld Lang Syne.”

Los Angeles Party Supplies to Help You Celebrate in Style

Here at JC Party Rentals, we are in the business of making your party a truly unforgettable experience. Our inventory includes quality lounges, comfortable flooring, and aesthetically pleasing lighting to help achieve that goal. Be sure to take a good look through all of our party supplies to discover the precise combination you need!

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Plan an Unforgettable Corporate Party


Hollywood Party Supplies For Your Next Bash Continue reading

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Celebrate Autumn In Style


Party Supplies in Los Angeles

Although Southern California does not follow the weather pattern blueprint of the rest of the country, the September and October months are some of the best of the year. With cooler temperatures in the morning and sublime afternoon and evening weather, the California autumn is truly something to behold. Perhaps the best part? You don’t have an agonizingly cold winter to dread on the other side!

An Autumn Party for the Ages

Whether you are putting together an unforgettable Fall Festival, or you are simply organizing a fall-themed birthday party, the party experts at JC Party Rentals have the equipment to help you make your event the best ever. Our chairs, bars, tables, linens, and other equipment are affordable without sacrificing on quality. We can help you enjoy the beautiful Fall weather and enable your guests to experience all of the breathtaking colors this season is known for. So what are you waiting for? Time to get planning!

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Throwing a Fabulous Poolside Party

untitledSoaking Up the Sun at Your Next Party

Summer birthdays and festivities just call for a water activity of some sort. A poolside party is exactly what is called for during the summer season. Everyone looks forward to being able to swim in the pool and enjoying the company of friends in a completely relaxed environment. Add some delectable food and dessert and your guests will have the times of their lives chatting the night away. Rather than throw the same old backyard party, throw an elegant affair with a few simple touches.

Party Supplies in Hollywood

Tables with linen and glassware instead of paper cups can go a long way in showing your guests you have taken great pains to hold a wonderful party. At JC Party Rentals, we have everything you need from chairs and tables to dancefloors so everyone can dance the night away. Do not forget the heaters to ward off an evening chill. Allow us to do all the work your guests will ooh and ahh over by contacting us at (818)765-4819.

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Last Minute Wedding Plans


Wedding Prep In a Hurry

Ah, the bliss of a summer wedding. The delightful summer evening descends upon the party and the guests, as the last rays of the sun unleash a gentle glow that splashes over everything in sight. Summer is a popular time for a wedding, but sometimes the plans for such a delightful affair are rushed due to extenuating circumstances. Throwing together a wedding and reception in a hurry can be a real challenge, pushing all of the party planning team to the brink. But with the help of the right company, your wedding can go off without a hitch.

Party Supplies Los Angeles

Whether you are in need of tables and have little time to spare, or your reception is completely devoid of any supplies whatsoever, never fear: the team at JC Party Rentals has got you covered. We have chairs, lounge furniture, glassware, flatware, buffet & serving equipment, lighting, heating, staging, and even dance floors! We offer complimentary on-sight measuring of venues and a meet with a wedding coordinator. Allow us to help you put together your last minute wedding in a hurry – give us a call at (818) 765-4819 or visit us online today to get started.

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Top Summer Colors 2015

Summer color swatches

Whether you’re planning a summer wedding, corporate event, or private party for family and friends, there are a lot of details you need to consider. Color is a major detail that will set the look, feel, and mood of your entire event. If you haven’t decided which color to use, consider one of the following – these are top summer colors of 2015:

  • Toasted almond
  • Aquamarine
  • Marsala red
  • Dusk blue
  • Glacier grey
  • Soft lemon
  • Orchid tint
  • Pistachio

No matter what color(s) you choose, we can help. At JC Party Rentals, we have linens in every color to help you put the finishing touches on your Hollywood event. View our pricelist or contact us now.

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